Business crisis markers in financial statement
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Financial Crisis Identification

Comprehensive tools for detecting business crisis indicators. 

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How it works

SBB Financial Analyzer offers comprehensive tools for company crisis identification.

The cash flow based crisis report focuses on two intuitive indicators for easy identification of liquidity issues. The first indicator is the cumulative operating margin which is calculated based on both the income statement and the cash flow statement. A persistent difference between these values indicates that the realized revenue does not correspond with the reported sales. Another indicator is the increase of long-term loans compared to investments. Loan increase in excess of investments signals a need for further analysis to determine whether external funding is being used to support normal operations.

The key figure based crisis report aggregates over 40 key figures related to growth, profitability, liquidity, solvency and receivables that give an overview of the financial position of a company. The report makes it easy to detect significant expenses, depreciations or annual changes in any of the covered items.

The bankruptcy indicator based crisis report focuses on various bankruptcy indicators like the Altman Z-score, Laitinen Z-score and the P-score. The reports also covers all of the individual key figures that the bankruptcy indicators are based on.