Financial Statement Analyzer

Comprehensive financial statement analysis software covering key figures, trends, valuation and crisis detection. Unrivaled forecasting features powered by artificial intelligence.

Financial Intelligence

Smart AI forecasting features accounting for complex financial dependencies. Our engine is backed by decades of financial software development. 

Ease of Use

Fully automated analysis. Single click forecasts. Point and click based visualisation and custom reports. Get productive in an instant!


SBB Financial Statement Analyzer enables you to analyze every bit of financial performance data in your company’s balance sheet, income statement (P&L) and cash flow statement. Support for major Central European languages allowing you to analyze in your chosen language as well as serve clients in their language. 

We have a solution to fit any need – basic or advanced.

SBB Financial Statement Analyzer Pro‘s analysis and forecasting tools give you a  step ahead the competition. Artificial intelligence assisted quick forecasts, multi-scenario forecasts and detailed forecasts giving full item-by-item control are all covered. A reconciliation engine backed by decades of hands-on experience automatically accounts for all dependencies to guarantee forecasts that are always accurate and fully reconciled.


Take a tour of SBB Financial Statement Analyzer highlights.  

Cash flow analysis software
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Cash Flow Analysis

Uncover underlying cash flow issues or predict future ones. The income statement alone may not give an accurate picture of the financial position of a company. Companies in distress might brush up results by booking exceptional depreciations or allocating expenses directly to the balance sheets. The cash flow statement is a critical tool to uncover or predict liquidity issues before it is too late.

Business crisis markers in financial statement
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Financial Crisis Identification

Three distinct reports help you identify crisis markers. The cash flow based crisis report uncovers potential liquidity issues and the key figure based crisis report gives you a good overview on the financial position of any company. And finally, you can check if there is any sign of approaching bankruptcy with the bankruptcy crisis report based on various indicators.

Company business valuation software
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Valuation Analysis

Leverage a multitude of methods for realistic share capital and operating activities valuation in any scenario. SBB Financial Analyzer includes a comprehensive set of valuation methods to cover different real-life scenarios.

Forecasting with AI

The unique forecasting features of SBB Financial Statement Analyzer are the result of over 25 years of development and focus on financial statement analysis. The software AI automates the complex iterative process behind forecasting and offers users unprecedented simplicity and practically instantaneous forecasts.


A myriad of dependencies between financial statement items can easily turn a single change to a domino effect of changes. The SBB Financial Statement Analyzer reconciliation engine recalculates all dependencies to guarantee accurate results after adjustments or forecasts.

Interim Reports

Leverage interim reports to the fullest with SBB Financial Statement Analyzer. Convert public interim reports to detailed interim reports based on a reference year or see how the full year looks like based on the interim report. The full year forecast can also be used as basis for further forecasts.

More Features

Forecast, analyze, get key reports and more. Take a look at the many features of SBB Financial Statement Analyzer.

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Key Figures

Get access to a comprehensive collection of important and widely used financial key figures and ratios. See reports (PDF).

Automated cost structure analysis

Cost Structure

Automatically dissect costs, capital structure and profit allotment for further analysis. See reports (PDF).

Personnel key figures


See what your key figures look like when calculated in relation to personnel count or personnel costs. See report (PDF).

Par analysis for operational efficiency

Par Analysis

Utilize forecasting to create a reference for an innovative way to analyze operational efficiency. See example (PDF).

Quick Graphs

Instantly visualize up to 5 key figures with auto updating charts. See example (PDF).

Financial statement analysis software documentation


Find definitions on all used key figures and detailed documentation on more advanced features. See example (PDF).