Automated Forecast Reconciliation

Our reconciliation engine calculates all dependencies to guarantee accurate results after adjustments or forecasts.

Now you can

How it works

Behind the scenes, the creation of a forecast is a complex iterative process where dependencies between financial statement items can easily turn a single change to a domino effect of changes. The SBB Financial Analyzer reconciliation engine guarantees forecasts where taxes, interest expenses, depreciations, minimum cash reserves and profits accurately reflect the given forecast assumptions.

All of the SBB Financial Analyzer forecast methods perform reconciliation automatically. However, reconciliation can also be invoked manually, enabling yet a new level of forecasting accuracy. Need to factor in a significant non-recurring investment, write-off or group subsidy? Need to factor in depreciations to a full year forecast based on an interim report? Manual reconciliation makes it possible to enter these types of adjustments directly to the forecast and reconcile them with a single click.