Financial Statement Analyzer is used by a wide range of businesses.

Who is it for?

See how businesses, investors, accountants, auditors and consultants can benefit from Financial Statement Analyzer.

Large corporations

Large corporations

“We already have a multi-million financial system and I’m sure it can provide reports too!”. True enough, bookkeeping hasn’t been run on paper and pencil for decades. Instead of competing with existing systems, SBB Financial Statement Analyzer extends the capabilities beyond their scope.

The budgeting process can be streamlined significantly by instant year-by-year forecasts and alternative scenario investigations. Artificial intelligence guarantees that forecasts are always fully reconciled.

SBB Financial Analyzer extends analysis beyond in-house data. Unlike internal financial systems, the full feature set of SBB Financial Analyzer can be leveraged to analyze other companies. Accurate valuations provide essential feedback for acquisition planning while competitor analysis will keep you a step ahead of the field.

Privacy is often a key element when planning significant changes. Information leaking to competitors or an internal rumor mill going wild are issues that everyone wants to avoid. Confidentiality can be compromised if external personnel or centralized financial tools are used. SBB Financial Analyzer solves these concerns as the planning can be carried out on a personal computer. Specially trained personnel is not required and all data is processed and stored locally.

Small business owner

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Financial analysis is a key success factor for small and medium-sized enterprises also. However, the availability of dedicated personnel is often limited or non-existent.

SBB Financial Statement Analyzer brings financial analysis within the reach of everybody by automating all of the essential analytics. Key figures, cost structure, trend visualisation and cash flow analysis provide an easy to understand overview of business operations and help detect issues before it is too late. Reduced dependency on external service providers for financial analysis will also lead to valuable cost savings.


Accountants, auditors and business consultants

Cash flow analysis provides accountants and auditors an effective tool to verify financial statements. Transactions booked on incorrect items or extraordinary adjustments not involving cash flow can easily be detected as deviations on the cash flow statement.

SBB Financial Statement Analyzer offers auditors, accountants and business consultants an opportunity to extend their service portfolio. Accountants can easily supplement audits with additional analysis, while business consultants are able to quickly detect issues and points of improvement to focus on.

Financial analysts

Financial institutions

Warren Buffet, known as one of the most successful investors, has described his investment philosophy as: Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.

SBB Financial Statement Analyzer can help financial institutions to live up to this philosophy. Indepth analysis of operational performance and accurate valuations help institutional investors to build a profitable portfolio. On the financing side, custom reporting easily transforms the wealth of performance metrics to an effective credit approval system.


Private Investors

There are millions of private investors in the world. Some follow the masses, always a step or two behind others. Some follow the latest hype, often turning a blind eye to the credibility of the promises.

SBB Financial Statement Analyzer enables investors to quickly verify whether appearances are backed up by hard facts. Basic analysis and a few minutes are all that are needed to detect common issues like insufficient cash flow, critical dependency on external financing or profitability boosted by bookkeeping tricks.

While the analysis of realised figures helps to avoid bad apples, true profitability lies in selecting the best of the rest.

SBB Share Valuation provides everyone access to a share value assessment mechanism commonly used by institutional investors. The simple yet effective tool calculates a reference price based on earnings per share, organic growth and expected return. Reflecting the current market price against the reference price provides important feedback for acquisition and sales decisions. Stay a step ahead with instant valuations and benefit from opportunities before market convergence!

Private investors often operate on a long-term basis, allowing small amounts to accumulate over the years to a significant yield. Here’s food for thought: If SBB Financial Statement Analysis tools would improve your investing performance even a bit, wouldn’t that also accumulate to a significant amount on top of status quo?