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Learn Financial Statement Analysis for Free with SBB Financial Analyzer + AI Forecaster


Now it is possible for you to study financial statement analysis and forecasting anytime, anywhere, all info at hand and all free of charge. SBB Financial Analyzer demo environment is the perfect self-learning platform for you to dive into the world of financial analysis – without having to enroll on an expensive financial statement analysis course.

Register for Free to Financial Analyzer Demo Environment

You can start studying right away by logging into the SBB Financial Statement Analyzer + AI Forecaster Demo Environment from your own device. Just create an account and once in click on Help in the top menu and select Quick Guide.

The demo version includes its own extensive instructions on issues related to financial statement analysis. In addition to that, you can search for additional instructions on the Internet with a couple of mouse clicks about any concept or key figure appearing in the software in all the most important languages. 

Analyze Financial Statements from Different Industries 

The demo environment is the same as the full version of the software with the limitation that you can only use pre-installed example companies (good and bad companies from different industries). The demo version can also be used as a teaching tool, because all students can use it themselves with their own internet-capable devices. The Demo version is multilingual (currently Finnish, Swedish, English, German and French).

Happy analyzing!