Financial analysis professional software

SBB Financial Analyzer Pro

Financial Analyzer Pro provides decision makers with the full set of analysis tools developed over the past 20 years. Conventional tools like cost structure analysis are supplemented by innovative forecast based methods to analyze operational efficiency. Business owners and investors benefit from an unprecedented variety of valuation methods to support investment or business acquisition decisions. Any industry specific requirements can be easily covered by the fully configurable custom reports.

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49,90 euro / month (excl. VAT)
29,90 euro / month (excl. VAT)

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  • Multiplatform support
  • Multilingual support
  • Key figure definitions


  • Key figures
  • Quick graphs
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Crisis identification
  • Valuation analysis


  • Par analysis
  • Interim reports
  • Cost structure analysis
  • Personnel key figures
  • Extended crisis identification
  • Extended valuation methods

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